We have evaluated many skin care products at our clinics and none have made the impact of Skin Nutrition. Efficacies and results that we have seen, measured, and are quantifiable.
— Dr. Frank Rosken
Cosmetic Surgeon

What our customers are saying

I had tried everything to control my acne problems, with the exception of Accutane, because I refuse to go on it. I was very disappointed and distraught that nothing helped. That is until I discovered your Fabulous Face. What a difference it has made and I cannot be without it now! I actually look forward to looking in the mirror! Thank you so much!
— Bianca, Las Vegas
Dear Skin Nutrition, I have just got my third Cell-CPR and cannot believe how it has transformed my skin. I have tried so many high-end products that promise so much but typically fall well short. This is the real deal! You are the best!
— Marci, Chicago
Greetings from Boca Raton! I just wanted you to know how much I love the night cream. I have turned many people on to your fantastic Skin Nutrition ...even my amazing daughter...she loves it...we are true believers. :-)
— Mercedes, Boca Ratan
I was referred to your line by a friend and immediately went to your website. I sent the company an email asking about the products points of difference, as I was a little skeptical. I got a very nice, and quick, reply back from your CEO, who articulated the company’s philosophy, product uniquenesses and technologies, in a precise and professional way. I immediately bought several of the products and oh how pleased I am that I did! I have used skin care products since I was a teenager and I have tried everything out there. Nothing compares to your Skin Nutrition! Thank you.
— Cynthia, New York
Please bring your products to Dubai! This is one of the world’s fastest growing cities where people are obsessed with looking good! I’m aware that I can order online but that isn’t always convenient. Please consider! I love your products!
— Leanne, Dubai
OMG, I love the new Live products! Just got them in the mail yesterday and tried them all last night! I cleansed this morning with the Cleansing Smoothie and then put the Breakfast Smoothie on! My skin is glowing and I can’t wait for tonight’s regimen!!
— Michelle, San Francisco
I’m sure you remember me because I have bought so much from you for so many years, all from your online store; have asked soooo many questions; and have rated your products online? Just wanted to let you know, again, how happy I am with Skin Nutrition! :) I just bought the new Cell-CPR and have already put it on about ten times today!!
— Grace, St. Louis
Hi Skin Nutrition, I just bought the Cleansing Gel, Toner, and Cell-CPR and am in love! My skin has never looked or felt better! Can you please send me a few samples of some of the other products?
— Allison, Los Angeles
I love, love, love the products! I have looked for and tried organic skincare products from high-end boutiques to “Whole Foods” type markets and have never been happy with them, so I started making my own natural recipes that I found on the Internet from organic produce and oils, etc. Then I tried your Live products. The very first thing I noticed was the wonderful colors and pleasant scents. I tried the Appetizer Smoothie first and I felt like I had blended it in my Vitamix! The mask smells delicious and the texture is lightweight and smooth going on my skin. I can’t wait to try more!
— Andi, Laguna Beach
I buy your products every month and have to budget to do so, but cannot be without them. I know the product is imported and our currency is weak to your dollar, but is there any way the prices can be reduced somehow?
— Nomfundu, Johannesburg, South Africa
Wow, you guys have got this right! I thought your website was just made up of marketing mumbo jumbo, which is always the case with skin care products, but after trying the products, it is everything you say and more! You have a new customer for life!
— Becky, Dallas
Thank you for your kind reply about my acne issues. I took Richard’s advice and bought the Cleaning Gel, Deep Cleansing Mask, and Fabulous Face supplement and they have made such a big difference!
— Hui Xiang, Hong Kong
I recently had a facial at a spa in Newport Beach and my esthetician asked if I wanted to try something new, to which I replied, “sure.” I was entranced by the beautiful fragrances as I was having my facial and jubilant when it was over and I saw my skin! It was so full of color and life! I immediately bought several of the products and am so happy to have discovered your products and was pleasantly surprised to learn that you are local!
— Kim, Newport Beach
We have had Skin Nutrition here in Malaysia for several years now and I have been using the products since they arrived. I have just tried the new Cell-CPR Eye Recondition Serum, which was just launched here, and I have to tell you it is the best eye product I have ever used! Can’t wait until the new Live products are launched here. Any idea when that might be?
— Xu Wenli, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I won a moisturizer on your Facebook monthly giveaway ‘like’ program and absolutely loved it! I plan to buy the cleanser and toner and wanted to ask if there was anything else that is an absolute ‘must’ to buy as well?
— Sophie, Atlanta
I had a treatment recently at a medi-spa/wellness clinic here in Munich and they were using your Skin Nutrition products. I was pleased at how my skin felt during the treatment and even thrilled at how it looked after. Your Skin Nutrition is now my preferred skin care brand.
— Elke, Munich, Germany

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