Why most organic/natural skincare doesn't work

There has been huge interest in the natural/organic skin care sector with an initial explosion of trial and then little re-purchase, which confused retailers. Research done by companies like Mintel and Euromonitor concluded that consumers felt after trial, the products were fine for general maintenance, but beyond that they had no other efficacies and they went back to what they were using before trial.  

Introducing active skincare

Live is different in that we not only ensure the usage process is a sensory indulgence, but an efficacious and therapeutic one as well. How do we do this? With our key ingredients and technologies:   

• Patented active plant cells, clinically tested, both in-vitro and ex-vivo, for efficacies that match and exceed those of today’s best peptides, to deliver results previously unobtainable with natural/organic products.

• A profusion of real and active organic superfoods that you can see, feel, and smell, not invisible label declarations. Our superfoods are harvested with unique proprietary technology that not only keep their potent phytonutrients and polyphenols fully intact and active, but that yield higher concentrations of them as well, drenching our skin cells with a plethora of nutrients.

• Organic, cold pressed, extra virgin plant, fruit, nut, and seed oils for their prized fatty acid profiles, rich sources of phytonutrients & anti-oxidants, and ease of skin utilization.

• Plant derived amino acids, enzymes, algae, resveratrol, and tocotrienols from red palm oil, to further nourish cells.

You have probably caught on by now that with all of the active plant materials we use, Live is an appropriate name for our new line? This is the single biggest difference! We want to put live, active, nutrient dense ingredients on our skin, as that is what nature designed our skin to have and what is needed for our cells to flourish and for our skin to look it’s best!   

Clean and Green

Skin Nutrition Live ® products are natural and safe from the inside out as we are committed to a carbon neutral footprint and only utilize environmentally friendly packaging such as recycled glass bottles, FSC, Green Seal, and Green Works certified recycled paper labels and cartons, vegetable derived inks, and compostable and recyclable pumps and caps.

Clean, green, & efficacious.  No harsh chemicals of any kind. Food for your sin, from the outside in.

Live recycled packaging


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